NEW PRICING AS OF May 15, 2017:

Half hour phone readings are $50
Hour long readings are $85
Email readings are $50

Those who need shorter length calls or just have a quick question, contact me through KEEN, please read the instructions below BEFORE calling! These calls are charged by the minute.

Half hour reiki treatments are $35
Hour long reiki treatments are $45
Reiki with Native American drumming is $50

Readings are by appointment ONLY. Most appointments can be made quickly during my regular working hours (7AM-9PM Central). I do request at least 24 hour notice.

Send me an email, we will set up a time,  date and number that I will need to call. Then ,by the day of your reading, deposit the cost of the reading through Paypal. Once I have confirmation, the appointment is set and I will call you at the appointed time.

I will set up an appointment with you and call you. Please email for appointments, as I am frequently already on the line with a reading.
Readings can also be done by email. General email readings are $50, and sent after payment is made. The way to pay is by Paypal to the email address:

Half hour readings are $50. Generally there is no need for a longer reading, if you would like one, please let me know by email.
Those who are KEEN clients, please call through the KEEN page only. Those who have never used KEEN before and want to call through the site, please go to, search on my name : triplemoongoddess  and email me before calling. I will send you a free minute to start your call. Wait until the minute is in your mailbox before call!
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