I am Triple Moon Goddess,  Gina. Rev.Wolf, PhD. I have been giving psychic advice for over 47 years. I can process readings by phone, email or in person. I also am a certified Reiki Master, and have a BA (psychology) from Montclair State (NJ). I have a ministerial degree, and BS,MS and PHD in Metaphysical sciences from an accredited institution, University of Sedona. I am an ordained minister,non denominational. I also have a degree in Comparative Religion.

I have been reading tarot over 47 years, since childhood, and have been psychic all of my life. I use a combination of resources to get information for you to help point you down the path best suited for your goals. 

I have taken parapsychology courses, trained with psychics and a medium...all people who are nationally known.

I also teach metaphysical classes, such as Metaphysics, Psychic Development I, II, and III, Tarot reading, and other classes.See my "Schedule of events page" for classes and other events coming up. We do house cleansings, and long distance Reiki healing.I also am the founder of a local investigation group (PRIOV) and we will help anyone who is having an experience with a haunting. We are in the Evansville, IN area.

I am here to help everyone around obstacles, and through life.

Spirit sends you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear.